The SOS technical training institute (infaq foundation campus) is a joint venture between SOS children’s villages of Sindh and infaq foundation. Under a memorandum of understanding which was signed in 2007, infaq foundation has provided land, building, workshop equipment, computers, furniture, fixtures and training aids for this institute in their cdss complex at korangi whilst the SOS children’s villages of Sindh have agreed to run this institute as a social welfare project for the benefit of SOS children, students of korangi academy and other underprivileged members of society as well as the community at large in need of technical education.


  • The SOS Children’s Villages of Sindhi is a part of the SOS Children’s Villages of Pakistan which is filiated with SOS Kinderdorf International, the umbrella organisation based in Innsbruck, Austria. is one of 131 associations in different countries worldwide.
  • All affiliates are autonomous and local boards independently manage the affairs in their country cording to their own religion, culture and customs
  • Apart from caring for orphaned and abandoned children, SOS is committed to providing community service as well as quality education and vocational training to children/students from lower socio economic groups at affordable cost.
  • Presently three SOS Vocational Training Centers are imparting teclinical education in Pakistan, these are located at Rawalpindi, Dhodial and Abbotabad.
  • The Korangi lestitute will be the fourth one in the SOS family.

Other on-going projects of SOS in Pakistan are:

  • SOS Children’s Villages
  • SOS Hemann Gmeiner Schools
  • SOS Youth Hous
  • SOS Vocational Training Centers
  • Community Health Projects/Rural Support Programmes
  • Emergency Programmes for earthquake Relief
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