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  • Courses are advertised through installing of banners, distribution of flyers and setting up of admission camps in various localities and schools/colleges

  • Admission are granted on merit basis

  • Minimum qualification is 8th class pass from a recognized school

  • Minimum qualification for Diploma courses is Matric.

  • Minimum age is 15 years

  • Registration forms are distributed in the admission camps and are also available in TTI admission office

  • The students submit registration forms along with following documents:

    School leaving certificate

  • Photocopy of CNIC or B-Form (in case of students under 16 years of age)

  • Two passport size photographs

  • Photocopy of CNIC of father or guardian

  • Students are interviewed along with their parents / guardians by the Principal and Academic Coordinator (Admission Committee)

  • Names of candidates selected by the admission committee are posted on the Notice

  • The selected students are subsequently are given GR number for record.


Minimum requirement of attendance is 80% for award of Course Certificate. Every student absent from class will be required to bring a letter of excuse signed by parent or guardian. A student who is absent from classes due to serious illness, or hospitalization should submit a medical certificate. In case of emergency or death in the immediate family, a letter from the parent or guardian is necessary. An excessive number of absences/late comings by a student, as reported by the instructors, will result in disciplinary action by the Principle.


Each student will be awarded a Certificate of Graduation upon satisfactory completion of technical education program at SOSTTI provided he or she maintains 80% attendance as well as scores at least 70% marks in oral and written test at the end of the course and clears all outstanding dues. Up to 10% relaxation will be made in attendance in extenuating circumstances.
All students are expected to follow rules and regulations of the ‘SOSTTI’ as may be enforced from time to time. The disregard of any SOSTTI’s general rules will be ground for a disciplinary action which includes immediate termination.
Students are expected to conduct themselves with the same degree of professionalism, courtesy, co-operation and consideration at SOSTTI as he/she would in the workplace. SOSTTI is a drug-free, substance-free workplace and the possession of drugs, alcohol, firearms, and or any other dangerous weapons on the SOSTTI’s premises is strictly forbidden and is grounds for termination. Political activities are also strictly prohibited. A student may also be suspended or terminated for continued disruption of classes, continued disrespect for others, destruction of the property of SOSTTI or others, excessive absence/tardiness, failure to report bodily injuries, failures to report property damage, falsification of records, fighting, reasonable suspicion of illegal substance use, repeated violation of lab area’s(shop) rules, sexual harassment, theft, verbal or physical abuse or staff or fellow students, cheating.
Smoking, chewing of pans and taking of gutkas is not allowed in the Institute’s building. Students are required to return tools and equipment to stores daily on completion of classes. Students are required to pay their fees on due dates. A surcharge of RS 10 per day will apply on payments after due dates. Students are expected to deposit fee in the office and obtain a formal receipt for the amount which should be retained. The student is liable to termination if the fee is outstanding for more than 30 days. Fee paid is not refundable on termination of student on disciplinary grounds or on discontinuation of the course by the student.
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