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Mr Sanaullah Qureshi, Chairman, Mr Zammindar, Co- Chairman, and Cdre Wasim, Principal of the Institute attended the Shell Tameer “Build the Future” Campaign Media Dinner on19th Aug, 2014 at Moven Pick Hotel. Ms. Afshan Khan, Social Investment Manager, Shell Pakistan Limited presented Mr Sanaullah Qureshi with a token Cheque of Rs. 3.2 Million for students of SOSTTI & SOS Children’s Villages of Sindh, Malir, Karachi.
A briefing / meeting for launching Shell Tameer Programme for students of TTI and SOS Children’s Villages was held at Shell House on Friday November 21, 2014. Following were present.


  • Mr. Sanaullah Qureshi – Chairman
  • Mr Yacoobali G. Zamindar – Co-Chairman
  • Ms Ava A. Cowasge – Member
  • Mr Javed Ashraf – Member
  • Cdre (Retd) Khalid Wasim – Principal


  • Ms Afshan Khan – Social Investment Manager
  • Mr Imran Azeem – Manager Training & Marketing
It was decided to hold first workshop on 3rd Dec, 2014.
Accordingly Shell Tameer Programme commenced on 3rd December 2014 with a seminar and workshop for students. 25 short listed students, potential young entrepreneurs from TTI & SOS Children’s Villages of Sindh participated in the workshop. The workshop was conducted by trainers from Shell Pakistan. Mr Sanaullah Qureshi, Mr Yacoobali G. Zamindar, and Ms Ava A. Cowasjee also participated. Mr & Mrs Yaseem Vohra a main donor from USA, who had contributed substantial funds for Shell Tameer Programme were also present. The workshop was titled “Bright Ideas” and the students were motivated to put forth their innovative business ideas. Lunch was given to all participants.
From 2015 to 2018 83 student entrepreneurs have been supported by SOSTTI and SHELL PAKISTAN and have been provided tools and equipment. The program has been successful and young entrepreneurs have established their own businesses and in some cases hired young people to help run the businesses.
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